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How does Labor / Sabbath Rhythm Really Change Us?

imageHow do you Sabbath?

Recently I've heard a lot about the importance of Sabbath. It's easy to realize that I definitely need it, but not so easy to nail down what it means for me today. I asked friends and collegues how they "Sabbath". I consistently heard words like rest, or go to church, take time to slow down, prayer, etc. For many Sabbath is...

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Partnering church and corporations to impact communities


ELC 2015 gets underway today and A2 is there!

Asian Access is a silver sponsor of the Eagles Leadership Conference, held at Singapore's Suntec Convention Centre from July 23-25, 2015. The theme of ELC 2015 is The Art of Partnership: Collaboration – Creativity – Community.

Our own Takeshi Takazawa is one of the speakers. Takeshi is the Vi...

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The Leaders Must Come from Outside!


The Christian subculture challenge

Recently I met with a Japanese Christian leader to catch up on each other’s lives, to discuss the challenges of the spread of the gospel in this nation, and to dream a bit about how to build upon the many partnerships that have been developing between Christian groups in Japan. During our conversation,...

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Springtime and Harvest in Japan


As we approach Spring again, rice farmers across Japan are once again preparing their paddies to plant a new crop soon. Springtime and harvest.

Just a few months ago, it was that time when rice paddies turn bright and golden yellow, signaling they’re ready for harvest. The process began back in the spring. Before planting, the land was...

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Are you distracted and hurried in 2015?

imageThe new year is a natural time for deeper reflection setting ambitious goals. Here are some thoughts I've been mulling over.

As the year began, I was reminded of something Nehemiah said when he was nearing completion of his building project, the wall around Jerusalem—clearly a work God had called him to. In chapter six two men, who...

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