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Another Brick in the Wall!

We Don't Need No Complication

You've Got Mail!

We were so very excited, because the day finally came for the telecommunications company we selected to install internet and phone service in our house. After all, we had waited for nearly four weeks to get this "present-day necessity" installed. And this would be one giant leap toward normalcy in an otherwise upside-down month for us.

You've Got a Hole!

I was out front watching the fellow drill a hole in the wall (from inside out) in order to install the phone and internet cables. I cringed hearing this loud drill, but trusted him as a professional. He knew what he was doing, right?

Imagine my horror when...

I saw the large drill bit come through the nice brick wall, proceeding to immediately send two cracks in different directions! I felt like Scrat (the lovable acorn-chasing squirrel in Ice Age movies) watch the glacier he was desperately hanging onto crack apart before his bulging, panic-stricken eyes. The largest crack was about 3 feet long. And all this on the front of the house!

The horror. The horror.

Recognizing his obligation, the sub-contractor who drilled the hole called his insurance company and arranged for a brick mason to fix the wall. We later learned that one of the challenges is that it's 20-year-old brick, and it's not possible to get an exact match with the replacement brick.

Oh No!

What would our landlords -- the No family -- say? Well Nozomi, quaking in her slippers, called Mrs. No that night and told her about the debacle. . . and began to cry. Mrs. No listened intently and promptly put Nozomi at ease, saying it wasn't our fault. She added that she would take care of supervising the repair and make sure it was done right.

There is so much more to this story that we can't really share, but we're leaving it at that.

Just Say "No" to Crack!

Here are some shots of what it was like. Please pray for the brick mason to find a close-matching brick and do a great job installing everything. . . and that Mrs. No would be pleased with the results. Pray for good relationships for everyone involved.

Cracks in the brick

The hole in the wall caused two long cracks (brick and concrete) that needed repair.

Brick mason working on repairs

Brick mason cutting out the damaged brick

New concrete repairs

Cracks were repaired with concrete before new brick is installed.


We'll keep you posted on the next phase -- after the concrete dries -- when we get another brick in the wall.

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