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Shakey's and Hanky's


Saturday was a GOOD day. We are continuing with the celebration of Jeff's birthday this weekend, and went to Shakey's for an all-you-can-eat American Pizza Buffet!! Now, I use the term "American Pizza" loosely, here.

Let us show you the pictures...

Shakey's Pizza

Corn, Tuna, and Cheese (front)
Corn, tuna and cheese

Which one would you choose? Shrimp (left), Pepperoni (center), or Squid (right)?
Shrimp, Pepperoni, and Squid

The kids' favorite today: Marshmallow, Custard, Black Sesame, Potato Dessert Pizza! (right); see also: banana, shiitake mushroom, ham + egg.

Dessert Pizza

The happy Birthday Boy!

Jeff enjoyed his first pizza in Japan


Did you know that the handkerchief is a very important part of the Japanese culture here? No one leaves home without a "hankachi." Children are required to have it at school. Every person in Japan has one in his or her pocket or purse. You look around, and it's everywhere...people constantly have one in their hand to wipe off sweat, women daintily "dab" their faces or mouth after eating or drinking, Ellie has one in her uniform pocket to dry her hands at school after washing them, and I use it to dry my hands after washing them in the public restrooms. Often they won't have paper towels, so you just pull out your hanky and dry your hands with it. Jeff and I giggled on the train the other day because we watched a very proper lady take a sip of her tea, and gently dab her mouth after every single drink. I look very Japanese when I carry one around and imitate what the ladies do!

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