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Mr. Bugman and Zack Team Up

God Orchestrates a School Project for Mr. Bugman

We recently wrote about meeting a nice man (AKA, "Mr. Bugman") in our neighborhood who really likes bugs (i.e., Japanese beetles, especially). He found all of his caged bugs in a local field somewhere.

Well, after he showed us his pregnant beetle we were praying for an opportunity to talk with him again. And guess what? God provided such an opportunity.

It just so happens that one of Zack's units at school these days is "Insects." One of his assignments was to observe insects going about their business and to record what he saw. And there was an extra credit assignment of bringing a live insect into class (in a jar, of course.

Knowing this assignment a few days ahead of time, we were praying for a chance to see Mr. Bugman and solicit his help. This is not an easy prayer request, because Japanese people are either busy about Tokyo or secluded in their houses. Apartment renters, as Mr. Bugman is, are rarely ever home.

But Mr. Bugman happened to be heading out of his house ready to get on his scooter. I told Zack and the family, "Let's get outside NOW!" And out we went.

After our typical polite greetings, Nozomi asked Mr. Bugman to take us to the place he finds his bugs. He said he actually had a few minutes before he had to leave, and so he took our family to the field to find a bug for Zack.

Though we didn't find a coveted Japanese beetle that day, we not only found a bug, but we also got another connection with Mr. Bugman. He was noticeably happy that he could show us more about his passion for bugs.

We told him that when we get our stuff shipped from Los Angeles, we would invite him and his wife to dinner. (She doesn't like bugs, incidentally.) He seemed genuinely pleased with the invitation.

Please pray for "more encounters with... Mr. Bugman."

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