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Reasons I Love My Wife

We've Been Shanghai'd!

Shanghai'dIf you've been keeping in touch with our situation, you may remember that our stuff was hauled off by the shipping company on August 8, twelve days before we ourselves left for Japan. It was to be shipped from Los Angeles to Tokyo (actually Yokohama) and arrive on September 5.

On A Slow Boat To China

We found out, however, that it was to be delayed because (surprise! surprise!) it was on a "slow boat to China," heading to Shanghai... and it was slated to arrive on September 20 -- yesterday. But that's when the shipping company called to say that the ship hadn't left the Shanghai harbor yet. Our new delivery date is supposed to be October 3rd -- 8 weeks after it left our apartment.

So it's been four weeks now in our new place in Tokyo, and it will be another two weeks before our stuff hopefully arrives. My family has had a tremendously positive attitude about not having our stuff.

More Reasons to Love my Wife

As if there weren't enough reasons to love my wife, here are a few more...

  1. Nozomi has biked and biked and biked (for the first time in 31 years), taking the kids to school and picking them up... and biking home with groceries, even in the rain. You know her as Bike Girl! Knowing that this was one of her biggest pre-Japan fears, I'm quite impressed.
    Bike Girl!
  2. Nozomi has the ability to simply shift into Japanese mode. At times, it surprises even herself. Often, she fits right in; she has found herself using words she never used before (but heard her Mom use as Nozomi was growing up!). Plus she serves as translator for our family. The kids are learning fast and I'm trying to keep pace with them in picking up Japanese, but Nozomi has served us so much... even when she gets "Japanese headaches."
  3. Nozomi takes great care of Zack and Ellie to help them adjust and acculturate to Japan and their very different schooling situations.
  4. Nozomi sits on the beautiful hardwood floor. This picture is taken from our living room looking toward our kitchen. It's a nice open space.Hardwood floor
    Update: We're so excited because we just got a sofa from Ikea. Wow, a couch never felt so good!
  5. She has used plastic ware for placesettings.
    Plastic ware
  6. Nozomi has used cardboard boxes for our dining table.
    Dining Table
  7. Nozomi has used my pocketknife as her kitchen cutlery to prepare food. To appreciate this feat, try making a salad with a small pocketknife and a smile.
    Pocketknife or Kitchen Cutlery?
    Pocket knife or kitchen cutlery? It's been kind of like a camping experience.

    This is our placesetting.

All this and more without complaint! She has a good spirit and a thankful heart, and she reflects that attitude to her family. These are just a few of the extra reasons I'm in love with my wife and immensely proud of her!

Editor's Note: If you're reading this thinking that I'm complaining about our situation, I'm not. A few days without our stuff is a small inconvenience in the light of being able to be Christ's presence in our neighborhood. I've been watching Nozomi and have wanted to write about her. I'm just trying to highlight my wife's admirable attitude. We fully realize that missionaries today have it so nice compared with those who left absolutely everything 50 or 100 or 200 years ago. But that's a blog post for another day.

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