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We're Hungry!

Small Portions

We're realizing that we've been hungry here pretty much all the time. Why? Well, the portion size is much smaller than the U.S. (which I think is a good thing, but will take a little getting used to.) We had to take a picture today at KFC. Look at how I'm holding the drink cup...that came with my adult meal!! And we cracked up at the bag size of the fries. I said, "Wow, I don't know if I can finish all the 10 fries in there..." The cereal boxes here are funny, too. The other morning I opened a new box, and poured some in Zack and Ellie's very tiny bowls, and poured a normal size bowl in Jeff's, and the box was done. Anyway, that coupled with the fact that we're biking and walking everywhere (and there's a killer hill returning home to the house), have all factored in to us always feeling hungry!

Hungry at KFC

Bicycle Traffic

Another funny thing that entered into my head the other morning was...

the fact that Zack and I were in "bumper to bumper" BICYCLE traffic going to school. I was giggling as I thought of you all battling traffic in Los Angles, and here I was dodging businessmen, grandmas, moms and dads on bikes all around me. It's quite a funny sight. (By the way, don't stop praying for safety because God is graciously answering. Today I watched Zack ride his bike right in front of a moving van as he crossed the street without first checking for cars! Yes, he got a big talkin' to, but I thanked God for His protection over him.)

Divine Appointments

The kids and I went outside on Friday afternoon, and I felt like the people that I was able to talk to were God-ordained. A mom was walking with her 4 month old baby boy. I came to find out that she is married to an American, but her husband is still in the States because he has been unable to find a job here in Japan. So this is a mom who is raising her baby all by herself, and she lives just a street behind us, I think. Anyway, I told her to come over any time, and that I'd love to help her in any way I can. She looked happy when I told her that us moms have to stick together. So pray for her to come by again. Another mom that I talked to lives in the apartment across the street, and I was very happy that we were able to hang out in the street as we watched our kids play. I'm a bit frustrated because our house is still empty of our stuff since our shipment has not yet arrived, so it's hard to invite anyone over for dinner or for the kids to play since there's nothing to play with! So pray that our stuff will come soon...I think I mentioned this before, but it won't be here until September 20 or later, so pray that I'll be patient and not feel frustrated about this...I know that God has His perfect timing for this kinda stuff:)

Oh, we survived our first typhoon here! Yes, I biked Ellie to her school in the rain and the wind (CAJ was cancelled due to many students who commute from far away). I came back soaked and miserable, but I did it!

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