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Zack's First Blog Entry

My dad had to throw away his [clipped] toe nails. It was funny because he had to ask my mom "are toe nails burnable"? And I had to ask my mom "are chicken bones burnable"? You have to separate the trash into burnable and non-burnable just in case you are wondering.

Ellie is missing Sammie so much. She is drawing all these pictures about Sam. I miss Sam so much too.
Ellie and Sam Me and Sammie

Christian Academy in Japan

My day at school was very fun. I had Japanese class and my second spelling test. The spelling test had easy words but some were hard. I had a fun time in Japanese class when I practiced writing my name. I think I'll like CAJ a lot. I still miss my old school, too and all my friends. I practiced typing in the computer lab with my friends at CAJ. My typing speed was 7 words per minute.

My Japanese lunches in the cafeteria are very good. But the yakisoba (Japanese stir fried noodles) tasted like...

nothing. My favorite lunch was rice with vegetables mixed together.

I like my 2 teachers. Their names are Mrs. Crowson and Mrs. McDonald. We are studying about insects this week. We even get to capture some and bring them to school. We've been writing lots of Bible stories and other things.

P.E. is very, very fun. The P.E. teacher is very nice and that's one of my favorite parts in school. My favorite new subject at school is writing because that's kinda easy.

I am getting lots of mosquito bites. I'm glad I have mosquito medicine.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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