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Ellie's First Day of Yochien

2007-09-03 Orientation Day for Ellie

Wow! What a big day for Ellie, and for her parents, too! We are really proud of her. She put on her straw hat (she has always disliked hats!), her uniform, her socks (which she doesn't like), and her black shoes, her bloomers to cover her underwear (which seems uncomfortable)... she put on all those things with a very good attitude, and off we went on our bike to Nadeshiko Yochien. And yes, I biked in my dress. All the women here bike in skirts and dresses, but that was a first for me.

Anyway, Jeff and I met her teacher who was SUPER nice, and off she went into her first Japanese classroom ever. We were wanting to go in with her and protect her, but of course we knew that wouldn't be the best. So our little baby girl went in with much courage. We were SO proud of her that she didn't even cry... she came very close, but she remained composed.

Me with Ellie on her first day of yochien (kindergarten)

Me with Ellie on her first day of yochien (kindgergarten)

Now, let me remind you that this was not the first day for everyone else. This is the beginning of the second semester for the rest of the kids (school started in April, and was off for the summer, and began today to continue the school year). So Ellie was the only...

new girl in the entire school. Jeff and I attended the "welcome back ceremony" with tons of moms... and Jeff was the ONLY dad in the entire auditorium!! Yey for my hubby, the best dad in the world!! So near the end of the ceremony, they called Ellie up front, along with me and Jeff, and we were introduced in front of everyone.


Front view of Ellie's yochien summer outfit
Front full view of Ellie's yochien summer outfit

They gave me the microphone to say a few words... what a perfect, God-given chance to let everyone know who we are... I took that opportunity to let all the moms know that we just moved from the States, and that we are very eager to make friends! I was also able to explain the fact that I've been away from Japan for 31 years, and that I'm going to need everyone's help and understanding as I navigate through the school year. But of course, I was thinking in my heart as I stood there looking at about 100 moms in the audience, "YOU are the reason we're here! YOU are the reason we're putting Ellie in this kindergarten! I want to get to know you to show you JESUS!" So pray along with me that I will take every opportunity to reach out to them, to become good friends with many, and for meaningful conversations which will ultimately lead to the Good News.

Close-up of Ellie's yochien summer outfit

Close-up view

Enjoy the pictures... I must say that she was the cutest little yochien girl in the entire school!

Profile of Ellie's yochien summer hat

Profile view of Ellie's summer hat

Ellie's yochien summer hat

One final look to Mom & Dad for confidence

Top view of Ellie's yochien summer hat

Top rear view of Ellie's yochien summer hat

I love the nametag... it says "Johnston Ellie" because in Japanese you say the last name first. I had a nametag like this when I was in yochien in Japan.

Ellie's yochien nametag

Ellie's yochien nametag

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