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Ellie's Yochien

Just want you to know that we have a yochien for Ellie!! (Yes, yochien is a Japanese word for kindergarten). If you want to see cute little Japanese kindergartners on the website, check out her new school at It is called Nadeshiko Yochien, and it's about a 10 minute bike ride. 


This was also a God-thing, because the Lord provided me with an American friend with Campus Crusade who has a daughter the same age as Ellie, and her other daughter goes to CAJ and is in Zack's class! She has been extremely kind and helpful in showing me the ropes. Today was wonderful...she took me and Ellie to the school, introduced us to the principals, and got to play on the playground! Ellie even got to peek into her classroom. Her friend will be right next door. Ellie's class is called "yama", which is "mountain", so she's in the mountain class:) She was very excited to see that there are koi fish in the pond, guinea pigs, and chickens on the playground. I was really apprehensive about going there to register, but like I said, He provided me with this wonderful new friend who went with me. The people there were extremely pleasant and understanding of my situation (I can't read/write Japanese to fill out forms, etc.) and made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. The encho-sensei (principal) reminded me of my dad, so Ellie and I just smiled to ourselves as we talked to him. I whispered to her, "Doesn't he look like Ojiichan?" ANd Ellie said, "Yes, but he needs more hair to really look like him!" I was so proud of her when I told her to say "konnichiwa" to him, and she did! Not only that, he gave Ellie a book, and she was able to bow and say "arigatoo"!!! That did my heart good!! They even invited us back on Friday so that Elie can meet her teacher personally, and get her uniform and stuff before the first day of school on September 3rd. Thank you, Jesus, for this provision.

Another fun thing today was that Ellie and I got to meet some more neighbors...4 moms and some kids. They were very interested in the fact that we just moved from California, and one mom mentioned that I was "kakkoii"--sort of like, cool, for being able to speak English. When I said that I'd like to do some English classes after I get settled, they all clapped in delight:) I guess English is still a good way to get people to come to your house!

And thank you for praying for Zack. He had a LONG but good day today at school. He seems to be stressed, though, from all the changes that have happened in his life, so pray for wisdom for me and Jeff to know how we can help ease that, and how we can encourage him. This is a LOT for an 8 year old boy to take in. It's a lot for a 39 year old girl to take in too:)

I'm really tired, and sitting on this hardwood floor is really hurting me, so I'm gonna quit for now. This Friday we get to go to IKEA to get a sofa, so we're looking forward to some soft cushioning for the bottom! Good night everyone.

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