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Milk Carton and Indoor Shoes

How do I throw away a milk carton?

Milk Carton Trash

Okay, I hate to sound obsessed about this trash business here, but I can't help just cracks me up, and it's SO different from the States, so I feel compelled to share this with you:) As I was reviewing my trash manual, I've come to find out that for paper cartons...I think it says only if it's white or light color...I must open it up and flatten. Then I must wash it. Then I must hang dry. Then I need to go and look for a special recycing bin that is made especially for flattened out, washed and dried, white paper cartons. I'm not joking!!

Zack's First Day of Class

Zack's school - CAJ

Anyway, on to more important matters...

Zack's first day of school!! It was only half day from 8:30 to 12:00 (normaly he'd stay until 3:30). When we picked him up, it was so unbearably hot and humid that he seemed very unhappy. He told me that everything seemed "strict". He didn't enjoy recess, which made my heart sad...he said there was no one to play with. So tonight we prayed that tomorrow's recess will be more fun, and that Zack will make the effort to befriend another boy, and not just wait for someone to approach him. Pray for courage for him to take that initiative.

One thing that he will have to get used to at CAJ is the concept of "indoor shoes" and "outdoor shoes". Whenever he is in his buiding, he has to change into his white-soled indoor shoes. Whenever he steps out of his building, he has to change into his outdoor shoes. When we picked him up, he walked out with the wrong shoes, so he quickly had to go back. I thought to myself, this might take a while to get used to! So my main request for Zack if for him to make special friends in his class.

Mos Burger -- Fine (Soy) Burgers and Coffee

I do have a cute story to share. Today for lunch, we went to Mos Burger. They don't give you ketchup with your fries, so Jeff asked for some. They gave him a tiny little bit which was not enough for his fries and tiny little soy burger. So we decided to send Zack to the counter by himself to ask for it in Japanese. He practiced saying, "Kechappu" several times, and then we had him practice "doomo", which is a simple way to say thanks. He went up there and said it, thanked the lady, and came back to our table very proud. It was really cool to him because he was actually able to say something, and a Japanese person understood him. It was really fun to see how pleased Zack was with this simple thing.

Finally, we want to show you a picture of a very tiny car! It looked like a toy. A very good visual of how compact everything must be in Japan. There ain't no way your California SUV's will fit around here!

Very small car

Zack and Ellie provided to show scale


That's it for now. Thank you for praying!!

Oh, and please spread the word that our address was wrong... the numbers are 2-39-3, NOT 4. Our poor next door neighbor keeps getting our mail.

Tonight's snack is, crushed up Kit Kat bars in vanilla ice cream. Yum!

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