The Father Effect, part 1

The Father EffectLast Saturday night, CBC men at their retreat at Loch Leven watched a powerful video entitled "The Father Effect: Stories about the impact of fathers." It's about the power of dads, highlighting the effect we have upon our children—whether for good or for bad.

Tom Jenkins speaking at men's retreat 2014

Afterward, Tom Jenkins led us to look at Jesus and to look at the cross. He skillfully guided us through a poignant time of surrender. For some, it was time to forgive; for others a time to let go of the past. We learned about denying ourselves and following Jesus as His disciple. Each man had opportunity to privately write on an index card anything—a burden, a confession, a struggle, a hope, a request—they wanted to give to the Lord.

Nail and crown of thorns 1

During a garden of prayer, men were invited to surrender their cards by sticking them onto a large sharp nail, surrounded by a crown of thorns. Following the session and without reading any cards, Tom Jenkins, Kevin Payment and I prayed over them—that Christ would seal any commitments made, heal any brokenness experienced, and empower any hope requested. Then we threw all the cards into the fire, symbolizing their complete surrender to God.

God moved through the men that night. Many took another step toward deeper healing with their heavenly father. And that needs to be celebrated.

John Finch

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