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Walls coming down

This past weekend was the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, marking the end of the division between East and West Germany.

Berlin Wall comes down

In a similar way, at the men's retreat, our Heavenly Father broke down some walls that we may have erected years ago between us and our Dads, and consequently between our hearts and our Heavenly Father. We saw more clearly the great Father Heart of God. In His amazing love for us, He worked in us to begin restoring the damaged image we may have had of Him.

We experienced a meaningful surrendering to Christ to forgive, to deny ourselves, and to live under His Lordship.

And we continue to commit ourselves to moving ahead in the power of the Holy Spirit, striving to be the men He has called us to be. We will tend our family gardens as best we can in the hope that five generations from now, our families will still be loving and following the Lord.

We looked BACK. We looked UP. And we looked AHEAD.

We sang to Him. We played together. We listened to each other, encouaraged one another, and we prayed. And, ahem, a few of us may have shed a tear or two as we reflected on God's love, our Dads and our families we love so much.

All in all, an impactful weekend. I thank Tom Jenkins and the men's ministry team who with Dave Palmer's oversight put this retreat together. And thanks to Tom Nicoles and the worship team, as well as the tech team who all served us selflessly.

Finally, we especially thank all the ladies in our lives who made it possible for us to be together as brothers at Loch Leven... and we love every one of those kids and grandkids that we got to bear-hug when we got back home... because there's a garden to tend.

Japanese garden with maple and moss

This photo from a Japanese garden in Kyoto was taken by my son Zack when he was only 11 years old.


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