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Family Vacation 2010 [Part 2]

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 147.jpg
by Nozomi - ...continued from Family Vacation [Part 1]

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 271.jpg

Okay, continuing in our Sapporo adventure... it wasn't enough just to have lunch with the parents. We had to go visit Makoto in his new condo!

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 189.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 194.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 198.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 161.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 179.jpg

We went around a part of the city in a carriage ride, and got to see the famous clock tower and the old red-brick (western-style) government building.

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 277.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 278.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 279.jpg

It had always been my dream to eat a whole crab in Hokkaido, and I was given my chance when we visited the Nijo Fish Market! There were aisles and aisles of fresh live crab. You can see how big this one is next to Ellie's hand.

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 283.jpg

I chose this guy as my victim! She told us to come back in 20 minutes and she'd have it boiled and prepared for us.

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 285.jpg

This is how Ellie felt about the whole thing...

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 286.jpg

And this is how I felt about it!! Boy, was it YUMMY!!!!!!!

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 287.jpg

Absolutely beautiful!

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 290.jpg

The next thing to check off my eating-list was raw sea urchin. Yes, you heard me. There were lots of places where they had an entire bowl of it over rice. I was tempted to get one, but I opted for this bowl with a variety of sea delicacies. The ikura (orange fish eggs) were SO fresh that, when a couple fell off my bowl, they actually bounced like rubber balls!! WOW!

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 304.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 312.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 321.jpg

The kids weren't so thrilled with all the seafood, so I had to make it up to them. We went to the zoo and saw the cutest monkey baby!! (Click the photo to see a close-up of the milk on this little guy's nose!)

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 333.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 337.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 351.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 358.jpg

Getting to see the big cats' feeding time was pretty awesome...

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 361.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 378.jpg

And this lazy bear cracked us up!

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 87.jpg

sapporo-hokkaido-summer-2010 - 88.jpg

Instead of taking the boat back home, we flew home... which only took us an hour and a half flying time. We were so grateful for such a wonderful trip, and a great family time. I hope the kids will always remember this as a very special memory of our time in Japan!

To see a slideshow of our photos from Sapporo, click here... or try here...

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