Joy Bible Camp 2010

by Zack

JBC-2010-zack-01.jpgI just got back from JBC (Joy Bible Camp) and this was my second time going. This time I didn't feel that I was being forced to go; I really was looking forward to it. JBC is located in the mountains and is in a beautiful valley. Anyway, I had a really fun time at JBC and I fell that I grew a lot spiritually. I had two awesome counselors. In my opinion, they were the best counselors available. They were nice and fun, but at the same time, they knew a lot about God.

Our camp theme was Choose Life; that if we choose life God can always help you. We also learned all about examples of people in the bible who had God help them such as, Moses, Esther, Jonah, etc.

At camp, we have a swimming pool. It's just the right temperature and it's the perfect size. After we swim, we take a bath. After this, we go and have trivia/quizzing. Quizzing is really fun. You get to answer various questions about camp such as "Describe what the water barrels in the cafeteria look like. And if you can, tell me what company's name is on the barrel."

JBC comes up with cabin group names. Last year, the cabins were cell phone companies like Apple, Sprint, AT&T, etc. This year, the names were space-related words such as "Black Hole," "The Comets" and "Solar Flares." I was in the "Black Hole" group.

Inside the cabins were very nice. There were nice futons (a type of sleeping bag) and tatami floors. It was really hot at night but thankfully; there were a lot of fans:) If we woke up too early, and couldn't fall asleep, we could go into the game room. (This was very fortunate for me because I'm an early riser.)

I'm sorry that I didn't blog in a long time. I hope that you enjoyed my blog post about camp!!!!!!!

Here are some photos from my camp experience...






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