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Rainbow Magic Fairy Birthday!


Ellie had been counting down the days til her 8th birthday. Especially after seeing Zack's Mad Scientist party, her expectations had been building ever since! She knew immediately what her "theme" would be: Rainbow Magic Fairy. Perhaps you're not familiar with it, but it's a very popular chapter book series for little girls. They are annoyingly predictable, but hey, Ellie learned to like reading because of them, so I'm not complaining! (Okay, okay, so I paid her 100 yen per book)

I must admit that I had a blast preparing for the party. Knowing that these years of fairy magic won't last too much longer, I decided to get into it and enjoy it:)

It was really hard to find printable Rainbow Fairies on the internet to create a decent invitation. But it made it all worth it when I showed it to Ellie...she gasped, grabbed my hands, and started jumping up and down in sheer delight! That was just over the invitation. I love that girl!


At the CAJ Thrift Shop, I found 3 lacy bed canopies, so I hung them at the entrance and in the living room to give it the Fairyland Palace effect. I also found sparkly fabric that I put in the bathroom to make the magical potty.

There was a website where I could design my own Rainbow Fairy, so I named each of Ellie's friends according to their character, and tried to match up the hair style and color:

  • Ellie the Birthday Fairy;
  • Jossy the Best Friend Fairy;
  • Yuki the Fun Fairy;
  • Yuuka the Kind Fairy;
  • Rachel the Talented Fairy;
  • and Eryn Mae the Sweet Fairy.





The first activity upon entering our house... er ...Fairyland Palace, was the craft. I knew I couldn't go wrong with sparkly stuff, so they made glittering mirrors. There was a very special moment that happened during this time that I have to share with you. As the girls glued away, we had worship music playing in the background. Then, all 6 spontaneously started singing together in the sweetest wasn't a performance, and they weren't even looking at each other as they sang. It warmed my heart to see these little girls naturally worshipping their Savior, even during craft time:)







Next came the time for them to transform from humans to fairies! As I sprinkled invisible fairy dust on them, they became totally quiet with total anticipation, it was adorable. They closed their eyes, and when they opened them, they saw a bunch of lacy, frilly, sparkly tutu's appear! They squealed and put them on quickly. We did the same thing for their crowns and their wings, with their screams of delight getting louder each time! Ellie had no idea that I had ordered these "fairy gear" online, had them shipped to California where a dear friend re-packaged them for us and mailed them here (Colleen, you're my hero!). Seeing the absolute surprise on Ellie's face was priceless.






The last thing to complete the fairy transformation was supposed to be the wand...but, OH NO! Those nasty gobblins (from the books) had stolen the wands! They left a note, saying that they had hidden them. It was the girls' job to go on a search to find their wands. There were clues all over the house, leading them into the kitchen, the bathroom, the mailbox, the bike basket, etc. Finally, the last clue led them to Ellie's stuffed animal cupboard in the upstairs room. You should have heard them...they all cheered with pure joy when they found their wands!




I watched and marveled at the creativity of our Creator God...He made children of this age group so rich with the ability to enter into imaginay play with such excitement. How very, very fun to be EIGHT!

Now that they had their wands, they went outside to play a bubble game. 3 fairies to blow bubbles, and 3 to pop them with the wands.






I had to get ready for lunch, so they were let loose for freeplay time. Then the neighbors started to open up their windows to take a peek at the trail of glittering, flittering blur of girls. The neighbors couldn't help but to smile.
















After lunch was cake time! There were 3 groups of 2 girls each, designing and decorating their own birthday cake for Ellie. I knew it was time to stop when they started pouring out the bags of sprinkes on top, just to use them up. Ellie got a tummy ache afterwards!









ellies-8th-bday-fairy-party-098.jpg  ellies-8th-bday-fairy-party-099.jpg

ellies-8th-bday-fairy-party-101.jpg  ellies-8th-bday-fairy-party-105.jpg

ellies-8th-bday-fairy-party-107.jpg  ellies-8th-bday-fairy-party-104.jpg

I accompanied the girls as they walked back to school where they would meet their moms to return home. Once again, I was moved by what they walked down the streets of Higashi Kurume, they all sang songs about Jesus, VERY LOUDLY! They must have sang for 15 minutes, not caring for a second about all the heads turning. I have to admit that I got a bit embarrassed when they got TOO loud, but like my friend reminded me over the phone, I was reminded of King David's words in the Old Testament as he unashamedly danced in praise of God Almighty..."I will be more undignified than this." The girls were definitely NOT ashamed of the Gospel that afternoon.


At the end of the day, when I plopped down on the sofa, the exhaustion hit. But when Ellie told me that this was the BEST birthday party EVER, I wasn't so tired anymore. I love that girl! Happy 8th birthday, my precious sweet fairy.

Ellie's 8th Birthday Fairy Party photos:

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