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Double Baby Shower

I had always wanted to make a diaper cake. So when I found out that 2 more ladies from the Marriage Joy Group were pregnant, I set out to make my very first diaper cakes! Here is one for Mayuki's baby, Isabelle Himeko Holland (Himeko means princess-child, so she's Princess Belle!) I used a rose theme for her.


This next one is for Noriko's baby, but we don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl. So I went with a ducky theme.


They were SO much fun to make, and extremely easy! The excitement on their faces when they first saw the cakes were priceless. All of my friends here respond with such grace and gratitude that it makes gift-giving and party-throwing such a delight for me.




And of course, I like to shock them once in a while with some goofy games that they would not get to experience normally here in Japan. We played the "Chocolate in a Diaper" game where I melted 7 different kinds of chocolate in diapers, and they had to guess the names for each. The mom on the right (photo below) got ALL 7 correct!


In keeping with the baby shower theme, the Good News of Jesus was shared using the analogy of a baby's birth and growth. Once again, my mother did a beautiful job in translating the story into Japanese for me.

Here is a brief summary of my main points...

The Gospel According to Baby


1) Baby's birth from the dark womb into the light. The parents' unconditional love the moment they see the baby. = A person stepping out of the darkness of sin into the light of forgiveness and new life. The unconditional love of Jesus for His child... we don't need to perform or do good deeds to be loved by Him.

2) Baby's complete need and dependence on the parents for survival. = Our need for Jesus for day to day living — marriage, parenting, everything.

3) Baby's trust of the parents. No worries when being held--peace, rest, and protection. = When we have Jesus living in our heart, there is no doubt that He can be trusted. We can have peace because we know Who Jesus is.

4) Baby needs food to be satisfied. = Spiritual hunger, a desire to know more about the Savior. Bible is spiritual milk. As we mature in faith, we can handle more solids and "meat".

5) Poopy diaper, and the parents' love no matter how many times the baby soils. Always there to wipe the baby clean, no matter how many times a day. = Poop is like sin! We must confess (let it all out) daily, and Jesus will always wipe us clean. We may sin again 10 minutes later, but if we confess our sins, He will always give us a fresh clean start with unchanging love.

6) The baby smiles, giggles, and laughs to communicate joy, and cries to communicate fear, sadness, or displeasure to the parents. The parents understand the various sounds the baby makes. = Jesus knows our thoughts. He loves to hear us speak. He understands. We talk to Him through prayer and tell Him everything!

  • If anyone wants a copy of my notes in either English or in Japanese for your next baby shower, let me know.
  • For Facebook users, click here to read the original post on our website, so that you can see the photos.  We don't know why Facebook is not importing the photos from our blog posts.

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