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Christmas Party 2009

merry-christmasWhat a wonderful problem to have...too many friends and not enough house space! Once again, we decided to go with the "Group A" and "Group B" plan for the Christmas party. On December 23 (Japanese holiday-emperor's birthday), there were 16 people for the 9:00-12:00 group, and 16 people for the 2:00-5:00 group. Funny how they ended up being perfectly divided!

Morning Group Photo:


Afternoon Group Photo (Thank you Jeffrey for always taking such great photos! He never gets to be IN them!):


This year, I was inspired by my friend to make dipped marshmallow treats. At first, I was only planning on dipping into dark chocolate. But when I went to the store, I happened to see strawberry chocolate and matcha (green tea) chocolate...perfect Christmas colors! Plus I used pretzel sticks called "Pretz", which made an entirely edible yummy treat:) They are so simple to make, but the presentation is nice, so I recommend this for your next party.



The craft was a lot of fun. We made snowmen ornaments using popsicle craft sticks (thanks Patty for mailing those to me...they came in quite handy!). When I brought out the craft sticks, they all said, "Nozomi, did you eat all those popsicles yourself??" Both groups said that to me, which is a good indication that I have built a reputation for EATING. And I resemble that statement.



After snacks and games, it was time for the story. The Lord game me the idea of sharing the Gospel using the word picture of Jesus being the perfect present, or gift, as written in Ephesians. I told them that the gift has each of their names written on it, and that it is being offered to them! I encouraged each one to accept the gift of Jesus, open the present, and make it their very own. My deepest prayer is that each friend who came would do just that, and not shove the gift aside, or throw it away.




After the story, we also sang some Christmas carols...which was a painful reminder that I am NOT a musically gifted person. But we did make joyful NOISE unto the Lord, so it was all good. The games were loads of fun. We made some of the parents compete in opening presents using oven mitts and stockings covering their hands.



But my favorite was the candle blowing game. 2 people compete to see who can blow out the candle first...using their NOSE!! I had everyone blow their nose first before participating in this game. It was a hoot!!





Oh the things that I make my friends do at these parties!! Thanks everyone for being such a great sport!! The day was full of laughter and fun. I know Jesus was in our living room with us, giggling and enjoying His Birthday party! Happy Birthday Jesus!!






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