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Dessert Night!

MissDonut-funYou remember our friend from Mr. Donut, right?  (See "Lunch with Miss Donut"; she's the artist who drew a manga picture of our family.)  Well, we made some NEW Mr. Donut friends through her! Now we know 3 workers there, which will make it even more fun to visit the restaurant;)

We wanted to have these new friends over to our house for a simple party, so I decided to do a 7pm Dessert Night.

2009-xmas-dessert-party - 1.jpg

I also invited a young lady that I had met through my English teaching job last year. I saw her every time I had to pick up my salary envelope from her office. We would talk for just a bit each time, but I had always liked her, and had wanted to get to know her better. So I was delighted when she agreed to come over for Dessert Night.

2009-xmas-dessert-party - 3.jpg

They were very different, of course, from my "older" friends that I'm used to hanging out I did feel every bit 41 when I was with them, but nevertheless, we had a great time. They loved the sweets, and enjoyed making a cookie-cutter ornament. In our natural flow of conversation, I was glad to weave in the true meaning of Christmas, along with a quick explanation of Easter as well:)

2009-xmas-dessert-party - 4.jpg

They went home with a sweet tummy, a new ornament, a reminder of Jesus coming for the Japanese, and a Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas CD! We pray that their hearts have been touched by the love of Jesus.

2009-xmas-dessert-party - 5.jpg


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