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Kitchen Concert

[NOTE: This YouTube video is no longer available]

The After she "retired" from that scene, she and her husband lived in Atlanta, Georgia for a while, and that's when we met. When my dad began the Japanese church in 1977, Rutsuko and her husband joined our congregation. So she has known me since I was 8 years old, and our families have been close friends for over 30 years.

Upon her arrival back in Japan, she felt called to sing again for churches, Christian gatherings and concerts all over Japan. She has many CD's out that are beautiful and glorifying to our Savior:

That's why it was such an honor for me personally to have her my little home in Higashi Kurume, and have a mini-concert IN MY KITCHEN!!! It really was pretty funny to have the sink and stove as her background, but that did not take away from her angelic voice and a wonderful testimony of her life as a believer in Christ.

RH kitchen concert - 20.jpg

RH kitchen concert - 24.jpg

RH kitchen concert - 05.jpg

6 moms were scheduled to come. However, about 30 minutes before the concert, I received 2 phone calls telling me that their kids got sick, so they couldn't attend. I was SOOOO disappointed! But as always, I truly believe that God's sovereign Hand was upon this situation. Because of the cancellations, I frantically tried to think of who else I could invite...and I thought of Mrs. Bugman who lives in the apartment across the street. I emailed her 20 minutes before the concert, and she came just in time:) A.H. is a lovely new mom of a 3 month old baby boy. She shared that she had been cooped up in her apartment for the last 3 months doing nothing but taking care of her newborn, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to get out. Plus, she found out about our Parenting Joy Group, so hopefully she'll be able to join the next group that will start in the New Year.

 RH kitchen concert - 11.jpg

Another mom was extra excited about coming...because she had listened to and loved many of Honda Rutsuko's songs, and even had her CD! She brought it and had it autographed! This mom could not believe the connection...that I would actually know this singer, and that she would be in my home, and that I invited this mom not even realizing that she had her CD!! God is so fun.

RH kitchen concert - 27.jpg

 Thank you, Rutsuko san, for sharing the love of Jesus to all my friends through your songs!! We are looking forward to the next concert :)

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