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15th Anniversary Getaway

Yokohama - 95.jpgOur 15th anniversary is on December the 16th. Our wonderful friends, the Caughlans, were kind enough to offer an overnight babysitting service so that Jeff and I could go on our early romantic getaway to Yokohama! It was so cool to leave our kids in trusted not have to worry about them at all, and knowing that they will have a blast! (And they did...they even got to make a home-made gingerbread house and decorate to their hearts content!!)

For us, it was so much fun to do everything spontaneously -- to go wherever we wanted, at whatever time we wanted, and to eat whatever we wanted... AWESOME!

Yokohama - 1.jpg

Yokohama - 20.jpg

Like enjoying a nice cup of espresso, and taking our time. And walking around at night window shopping without bedtime curfew!

Yokohama - 6.jpg

Yokohama - 2.jpg

The ramen noodle museum was very interesting! The Japanese truly do love their noodles...this place has gathered the top 10 or so of the various types of broth from around the country, and built an "old time Japan" feel to each restaurant. We couldn't read many of the signs so we just picked the shortest line...big mistake. The restaurant smelled like wet dog hair, so needless to say, we did not enjoy that one. The next one we tried was much better. Yes, the photo below is my husband with foggy glasses. He's so cute!

Yokohama - 4.jpg

Yokohama also has a huge Kirin Beer plant, so I wanted to take a tour. We were not allowed to take pictures, so just imagine HUGE silver pots the size of your living room, fermenting lots of barley and hops. The machines run so fast that they produce 2,000 cans per minute. Along with a love for ramen, the Japanese also love their beer!

Yokohama - 36.jpg

Yokohama - 39.jpg

We walked a LOT from place to place (a "vacation" sometimes can be truly tiring in Japan from walking, taking the trains, transferring, and walking some more until you get to where you wanna go!). Anyway, we ran into some fish who were just waiting to be chosen to be someone's sushi lunch. A little sad...but I'm sure they were delicious.

Yokohama - 47.jpg

Speaking of delicious, we could not pass by the Krispy Kreme Christmas donuts. Again, spontaneous snacking. My kind of anniversary celebration!

Yokohama - 61.jpg

Yokohama - 67.jpg

Yokohama - 69.jpg

Our next stop was the Landmark Sky Tower. The elevator that took us to the 67th floor was on the Guiness Book of World's Records for being the fastest. It shot from 1 to 67 in just 40 seconds!! My ears were popping. The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking. We could vaguely see the peak of Mt. Fuji. The Tokyo Tower was about an inch tall.

Yokohama - 92.jpg

Continuing on with for food chronicle, we'd like to share with you the daily shock of Japanese portion sizes. I mean, we're getting used to it and all, but sometimes it still shocks me. Jeff ordered a small bowl of chili. Well, look at the coin (it's about the size of a quarter). Yep. It's a small.

Yokohama - 102.jpg

The final stop before heading home was a place called the Red Brick Warehouse. Inside were packed with rows and rows of tiny shops all along both sides of the wall. Not a kid-friendly place (lots of fragile items), but it was very fun to look through.

There were SO many other places we could have gone to, but we are going to make this trip with our kids next. There were amusement parks, the science center that Zack would love, the zoo, lots of parks, etc.

LOVED spending the weekend with the LOVE of my life!!! Happy anniversary honey!

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