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Turkey Day 2009

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 32.jpgHappy Thanksgiving!

On November 29, we had no floor space once again, to our joy and delight! Our community of friends gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. The turkey from Costco Japan turned out very well (I think it was about 10 pounds... that's the only size they had... paid about $25, which is actually a great deal here!). And the ladies brought some amazing Japanese side dishes to give it an international flair.

First, we all wrote down what we are thankful for on autumn leaves...

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 1.jpg

and put them on our "Tree of Thanks".

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 4.jpg

And then we ate...

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 10.jpg

...and ate...

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 12.jpg

...and ate some more until our plates were empty and our tummies were STUFFED!!!!! More than that, my heart was FULL from gratitude in knowing these very special families. As I looked around the room full of laughter and conversation, it once again felt SO right. Well, it's not just a feeling. It's confirmation that the the Lord has graciously sent us here and allowed us to meet these beautiful friends. Thank you, Jesus.

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 15.jpg

Later on the kids made autumn place mats. They did such a great job that I wished I had a laminating machine!

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 19.jpg

It was awesome to have the opportunity to share with them the difference between "happiness" and "joy". I shared that happiness is oftentimes dependent on circumstances: when we are healthy, when our marriage is going well, when our kids are doing well in school. However, true joy can be experienced no matter what happens to us or to our loved ones. This deep, unwavering joy comes ONLY by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Himself!! How we want our dear friends to experience this True Joy! The assurance of heaven! The forgiveness of sins! Unconditional love from the Creator God!

Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 28.jpg


Thanksgiving Party 2009 - 29.jpg

And now, our Christmas countdown begins...!!!

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