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Baby Shower for Ami

I had the privilege of throwing a Baby Shower for one of the Joy Group members (also a former kindergarten connection). It was extra fun because most of them have never experienced a Baby Shower before. In Japan, there's no such thing...not even wedding showers! So of course I had to change all that so that my good friends could experience the fun of it all:)

Thank goodness for Oriental Trading, I was able to order some fun decorations ahead of time, and have them shipped to my parents' house, and they brought them when they came. It always takes a bit of planning for things like this, but it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!

Ami Sato was born around the second week of August. She was a chunky ball of sweetness!!! Look at how her hair stands straight reminded me of what Zack's hair used to do! She was full of smiles, and we all took turns cuddling her and squeezing her big cheeks:) Her name means "Asian Beauty".

baby-shower - 2.jpg

The cake ended up falling apart out of the oven, so I covered the whole thing with blue frosting and made it into "water", and floated the baby rubber duckies to swim on it!

baby-shower - 3.jpg

I enjoyed watching my friends play "Baby Shower Bingo" and "Guess the 20 Items in the Matchbox". But of course my favorite was the all-famous "Guess the Flavor of Baby Food" game! When I was purchasing the baby food jars, I had to laugh...there were some things that I'd NEVER find at Wal-Mart in the States! One was white fish and udon noodles, and the other was Chawan-mushi (traditional Japanese egg-porridge type thing). No wonder kids end up liking fish even as toddlers!

baby-shower - 1.jpg

At the end, I read the passage from Psalm 139:1-16. I love those words. The fact that the Lord knows the child by name even before he/she is born. The fact that HE is our Creator, and forms each of us in the mother's womb. So awesome. Dear Jesus, I pray that Ami will grow up to know the One and Only true God, her Creator. I pray that she will find truth at an early age. In Your Saving Name I pray, Amen.

I thought it might be interesting for you to see the verses written in Japanese:

詩篇 139:1−16

1 主よ。あなたは私を探り、
2 あなたこそは私のすわるのも、
立つのも 知っておられ、
3 あなたは私の歩みと私の伏すのを見守り、
4 ことばが私の舌にのぼる前に、
5 あなたは前からうしろから私を取り囲み、
6 そのような知識は私にとって
7 私はあなたの御霊から離れて、どこへ行けましょう。
8 たとい、私が天に上っても、そこにあなたはおられ、
9 私が暁の翼をかって、海の果てに住んでも、
10 そこでも、あなたの御手が私を導き、
11 たとい私が“おお、やみよ。私をおおえ。
12 あなたにとっては、やみも暗くなく
13 それはあなたが私の内臓を造り、
14 私はかんしゃします。
15 私がひそかに造られ、地の深い所で仕組まれたとき、
16 あなたの目は胎児の私を見られ、

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