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Cultural Experience at the Pool

"Oh, you can't go in the pool with your wedding ring on. You have to take off the one with the diamond because it could be dangerous in the water." I did not want to sit there and try to explain to her that since I've gained 10 pounds this past year, that it's really difficult to take off the ring. 

So I'm trying my hardest to yank and twist the thing off, when she looks at my face and says, "Do you have make-up on?" WHAT?! She proceeds to tell me that there are make-up removers that she could let me use to take it all off. By this time, I'm thinking that it's absolutely ridiculous to waste all this time "preparing" to go into the water. By the time I'm all cleaned up, I'd miss my time with everyone! So I just let her know that I'll stay out of the water.

Along with all these rules, I also found it intriguing to see the lifeguards taking their jobs very seriously. They walked in pairs, small sideways steps all around the pool, doing routine checks to see if everyone was safe. There was also a 10-minute rest time where an announcement came on and had everyone get out of the pool for health. They encouraged us to stay warm, and rest. I watched the life-guard do "finger pointing checks" where they stood in pairs again and literally pointed, in synchronized fashion, at each grid of the pool, along the pool side, and all around the ceiling. I'm not sure why they had to point to the ceiling. Then came the water inspection where they went in with goggles to see if everything was okay on the pool floor, the walls, and to check for cleanliness. 

I've been here for 2 years now, but I'm still experiencing new cultural things like today. I learned a lot. The next time I go to the city pool, I'll be sure to have my suit on, ugly face, ugly cap, no wedding ring. Got it!



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