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Zack's First Camp Experience

Konnichiwa from Japan everybody! Sorry I haven't blogged for a while.

I went to camp when my cousins Courtney and Joyce were here visiting. The camp's name is Joy Bible Camp in Okutama. At first I didn't want to go. I just wanted to relax with my cousins. But then I decided to go (partly because of my mom). The camp atmosphere was very nice. There is a pool, a cafeteria, 2 game rooms, a chapel, and very clean bathrooms. We slept in dormitories. There were 9 members in my cabin. I had 2 counselors. Their nick names were Sunshine and D-Town. D-Town's real name is Bobby and Sunshine's real name is Bob. Sunshine was what I call half adult and half teenager. D-Town knows my grandparents on my mom's side. (Note from Nozomi: Bobby's parents recently moved to Atlanta to pastor the other Japanese church, and that's how they know each other)

I had a great time at camp. There were many camp games and lots of fun activities and crafts. Chapel was also fun. I felt really close to God at chapel time. I learned all about how Jesus touches us, and we touch Jesus by faith, and how Jesus touches others through us. At the beginning of chapel time, there were very funny skits. I'll tell you about one gross skit. First, there is this person who ran out of suntan lotion. He found a bottle of peanut butter and put it all over his chest. Second, there is this person who ran out of itching cream for his feet. So he put peanut butter all over his feet. Then there's this person who ran out of toothpaste, and brushed his teeth with peanut butter. Next, this guy ran out of shampoo and put peanut butter on his hair. Then there is this guy who ran out of deodorant...I think you know what he did! Finally, there is this woman who ran out of peanut butter. She got a toothbrush and got the peanut butter off of the chest, the hair, the feet, the armpit, but not the person's teeth. She spread all that peanut butter on two slices of bread, and she ATE IT!!!!! I probably won't think that it's as gross as you would think.

Another fun thing that happened was that the cafeteria was turned into an airplane. The cafeteria had flight attendants, seat row numbers, and a lot of other fun stuff. And then some counselors dressed up as terrorists and had water guns. They came in and stole loaves of bread and shot people with their water guns.

Joy Bible Camp is really clever and I hope to join next year. My sister Ellie is looking forward to it too when she can go after second grade. And I don't regret my decision to go. I'll try to blog more!

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