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Fulfilling Week of Ministry

Parenting Joy Group

This past week, I got to meet with 2 moms to finally start our brand new parenting Joy Group. (There is another one still pending, but I will wait patiently for the Lord's timing on it) I was extremely blessed to be with the 2 ladies. They were so eager to learn, and so willing to put things into practice. We were talking about the importance of helping our children feel special, which led to the discussion of how we need to let our husbands know that they are special, too. One of the moms shared that her husband's birthday is coming up, so I suggested that she speak encouraging words to him on his special day, and to be sure to say it in front of their son. She was shocked by the idea, and told me that it would be too awkward and embarrassing to do such a thing! But at the same time, she was excited about trying out this new concept of verbally saying kind words to her spouse (which is not commonly done the next blog for more of my thoughts on this!) I love to challenge women here to bless their husbands in ways that they've never done before! I tell them that one of the greatest gifts that we can give to our children is a loving marriage between the parents. This is why it was such a natural transition for the original Joy of Parenting group to turn into a Joy of Marriage group!!

Marriage Joy Group

So this group consists of most of the ladies from the first parenting group, plus a new mom (the daughter of our landlady). Yesterday morning, we met for our 3rd session, and we had an amazingly open conversation about intimacy in marriage. Whenever I spend time with these ladies, I feel a strong sense of our PURPOSE for being here in Japan. My Japanese vocabulary is limited, so at times I feel that I can't explain everything as clearly as I'd like to, but I pray that Jesus is speaking clearly to them. I shared that marriage is God's idea, and that sex is a beautiful gift to be enjoyed in the safety of marriage. We also talked about how God has created man and women quite differently, and how we need to seek to understand the differences and not go against them. And that God's Word is absolute truth, and that there is freedom in truth. We also got to discuss the dangers of pornography, and how we need to take steps to protect our marriage relationship from these temptations. Wow. How great it is that we get to have talks like this, and to point the way to Jesus. I truly am HONORED to be their friend. 

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