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Catch-Up Again!

...Cricket!! He was going after a ball, twisted his left knee in an awkward way, and actually heard it "pop". Not good. Weeks later, he is still hurting, so please pray for full recovery soon.
  • Because I'm the Social Events Coordinator for PTA (aka Party Lady), I had the honor of helping to organize the graduation reception for our senior class. Feeding 500 people is quite the task, but the whole event was a well-oiled machine. I had tons of people helping, and everyone did an amazing job making boatloads of sandwiches, fruit platters, veggie platters, and serving sushi from Costco. I got to sit in on the graduation ceremony...watching the amazing group of young people graduating with high honors was very moving. I've been very impressed with many of the CAJ high schoolers.
  • The next morning after the graduation, my sister and her 2 girls came to visit from Orlando, Florida! Courtney is 13, Joyce is 11, and my sister Yukari is...never mind. It was such a blast to have them here. People have been asking us, "What fun things have you done together?" Well, basically, we've been eating our faces off. My side of the family is known for our love of anything edible, so us sisters have inherited that love for eating. We woke up each morning thinking, "what yummy things should we eat today?". So of course we did sushi, yaki niku, yaki tori, gyoza, ramen, crapes, and many trips to the local grocery store and bakery. It was delightful to watch the 2 girls embracing Zack and Ellie in all of the activities, hanging out together, playing games, and just talking. It was very hard to say good bye to them, but after they left, Ellie said, "Okay, next is Babii and Ojiichan!" (my parents who will be coming in September). Within a 6 month period, my entire family will have visited us here in Higashi Kurume! We are getting quite the use out of our futon sets, thanks to Futon Man!! (Look up previous blog on "Futon Man")
  • In the midst of all the activities, the "Joy Groups" are in full swing! I'd appreciate your prayers for all the participants. I'm really enjoying the new Marriage Joy Group and the discussions of a biblical foundation for marriage. The new group for the Parenting Joy Group will finally start next Friday, after weeks and weeks of trying to get schedules worked out. There is a third group that I've been trying to start, but it's not happening yet. Please pray that moms of God's choosing will come at HIS timing, and that I would not try to manufacture my own desires.
  • Thank you for always standing with us in prayer! Please don't stop!! We cannot do this without your prayer support. We don't want to get too comfortable! We don't want to plateau! Ask God to tear down walls, for the scales to fall off of people's eyes, for spiritual "aha" moments, for more opportunities for sharing the Good News directly and boldly, and for our friends to realize that there is actually a decision that must be made. Pray that they will CHOOSE TO FOLLOW JESUS!!

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