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The Princess Turns SEVEN!

she'd cross out the calendar dates, she'd pray "thank you that it's almost my birthday" every night, and sometimes she'd just burst out in a huge squeal and a hug thinking about her birthday.

We wanted to take part in making this day extra special for her, so we decorated the house with pink balloons, streamers, and photos of Sam the cat wishing her birthday greetings:)

I contemplated doing a big party with all 21 of her classmates from CAJ, but was pleased when she agreed to a very small gathering of 3 girlfriends.


The girls had a great time making bracelets, necklaces, and foam visors. We played "Ellie Bingo" with M&M place markers. We also had a treasure hunt where they had to find prizes around the room. But the rest of the time, they were quite content just playing together either at the park, out in our bike parking patio, or in Z&E's room.







After opening up all of her presents which consisted of cuddly animals and PINK shiny things, I overheard her saying, "I'm so glad I'm a girl!" Thank you, Jesus, for our precious pink bundle of girlyness.


After our worship time, we took off to the city and headed for Tokyo Dome, once again. She wanted to do the exact same thing as Zack's special day. We played 2 games of bowling! After that, we spent a ridiculous amount of money letting the kids do some rides. For dinner, I got to choose my Mother's Day meal! We went to TGI Fridays in Shibuya and I got to have my juicy slab of steak. That's all I wanted for Mother's Day, so I was very happy! :)

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