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Easter 2009!

...I don't think I have enough plastic eggs for the hunt, and dye tablets for decorating!" In the States, seeing those decorating kits and tons of plastic eggs at every corner store is the norm, right? Not so here. I quickly emailed my mom in Atlanta who went out that day to get 100 eggs, a bunch of dye, packaged them up and mailed it off (Mama, you're my hero!). We were afraid that they would not come in time, but God cares for His kids, even if it's about silly little eggs. They made it with 2 days to spare:)


Zack's creation: dinosaur egg or an oddly-shaped Earth?

We were SO happy to see Ellie's old yochien friends! These kids and families are so special to us.


This party felt very stress-free and low-key, and it was wonderful to have that feeling. They all know the routine now of having snacks, eating cupcakes, and making some spring crafts. The egg coloring and hunting are still new and exciting for them, so that was a lot of fun! The party room had no places to hide the eggs, so the parents had to get a bit creative (Jeff had one in his shirt pocket, and there were about 5 eggs stuffed inside the Kleenex box!).



Of course, sharing the meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection will NEVER lose its excitement. The absolute honor of telling these families about the true meaning of sin, and the one and only solution for this problem of sin...Jesus who offers forgiveness and life itself. Man! I will never get over the thrill. When I said, "And Jesus actually came out of the tomb!", there were 2 girls who looked at each other in total awe and amazement. May their childlike faith never cease!


Another fun thing was that we got to send home a Manga Messiah Bible with every child. This is a very cool anime style cartoon of the life of Jesus published by New Life League. One boy started reading it as soon as I handed it to him! I love it!

THANK YOU for joining us in prayer for the eternal souls of our friends.


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