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Happy 10th Birthday Zack!

zack-10 the Lord has created this little man... so many quirks, fears, and struggles,  and yet SO MUCH potential! His love for his family, love for school, love of reading and science experiments, and his respect for God's Word and desire to please his Savior. We remember his 8th birthday when he and Ellie both decided to ask Jesus into their hearts. We were amazed at Zack's understanding for what he was about to do. Here is a little excerpt from my journal:

We asked questions like, “What did Jesus do on the cross for you?” And he answered, “Jesus took my sins and put them on himself.” (Which was the wording that I have been using. And it was good to hear that he had been listening!) Man, I wish we had the conversation recorded because he answered everything so beautifully. He mentioned that Jesus was like the perfect lamb, who people used to put the sins upon. He also remembered the Bible stories that we had been reading at night. He understood the fact that there wasn’t anything he could do to earn his salvation. I was very thrilled with the fact that he said that he’d tell everybody after he asks Jesus into his heart. I reminded him, “Do you remember when your first tooth fell out, and you were so embarrassed to tell us that you rolled it up in Kleenex and hid it in the fridge? Are you going to be embarrassed about being a Christian and roll it up and hide it under a bushel?” And Jeff chimed in like in the song, “No!” and I said, “You’re going to let it shine” Zack actually sounded genuinely excited about telling people. He even said, “Yeah, I can be like the ‘approved workman who are not ashamed’ like in AWANA”. Wow…amen to that! He also said, “Now when the leader asks, ‘who has asked Jesus into their heart?’, I’ll be able to raise my hand.”

We also talked about the fact that even if we have Jesus in us, we will still sin, as evidenced in their mom and dad!! But he was very aware that Jesus will give him the strength to obey, and that there would be more times when he’ll choose to do right. And that God will forgive when he messes up. He didn’t want to wait too long to make the decision. Oh, there were so many other things that he said and I wish I could remember. But as we kept asking questions to Zack, Ellie got upset saying, What about me??? So we asked her a few questions, too. I wonder if she’s too young, but she is SO excited and so loves Jesus. I can’t imagine telling her that she can’t. She couldn’t contain her excitement. How could I deny this? My heart is full of joy tonight. What a blessing it is to have children who are so spiritually aware. 

It's hard to believe that we are past the half-way mark of his living under our roof. We realize that our "control" will become less and less with each passing year. Our prayer is that the Biblical Truths that we are teaching him daily, as painful and as difficult as that could be sometimes, will sink deeply into his heart. And when he is on his own, and when he doesn't have mom and dad close by, that Zack would first look to His Savior Jesus, and that he would make wise choices according to God's Word. 

Thank You, Lord, for this amazingly wonderful gift of Zachary Scott Johnston!  

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