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Adventures of Bike Girl #4

bike-girlLife without a car is interesting. You have to make some strange choices sometimes. Today, I went to the 99 yen shop to buy some snacks and groceries for my friend. I ended up with 2 full bags of non-perishable food. I needed to go to another store which requires parking the bike at the station and riding the train. So my choice was this: should I leave the groceries in my bike basket and for about an hour or so, or should I go home first, unload, and then ride back? I said to myself, "I can trust the Japanese people. I'm going to leave both bags in my bike, and I know they will still be here when I return." So I did just that.

After a couple of hours of being away, my trust in the Japanese people proved to be true. No one had stolen a single item. No PERSON, that is.

Today, I have a new disdain for Japanese crows. You cannot trust them. They are thieves, I tell you! When I returned to my bike, I saw 2 large, black crows with long beaks hovering over my bike!! To my shock and horror, I saw that the plastic bag had been shredded open. I looked around, and found that about 3 food bags had been scattered on the ground. I looked up, and our eyes met...those beady of the crows had my favorite snack between his beak!!! He was eating my snack! The entire bag was nowhere to be seen. The only proof was the remaining last morsel in his beak, and he seemed to be mocking me.

I said to them, "Well, I'm going to take a picture of you, so your faces will be all over the blog!" As soon as I pointed my cell phone camera in their direction, they flew away. Darn! They knew!

I rode home with my shredded bag, minus my favorite snack. Other items had punctures in them. When I returned home, I recounted the whole story to Jeff, who thought it was absolutely hysterical. I was pretty unhappy with the whole event, but when I said, "Now I have to check each item for beak marks!" We both looked at each other and busted out laughing... whoever heard of checking your grocery items for beak marks?!

Only in the exciting adventures of Bike Girl. 

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