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Adventures of Bike Girl #3

Pride Comes before the Faaaaaaaall!!

So I was riding on my bike to pick up Ellie from school when my friend calls. I'm very proud of myself for actually getting the cell phone out of my purse, which is in the front basket, flip it open, and answer, all without missing a beat on my pedals. I'm feeling so good about myself as I talk. I even tell my friend, "Yeah, I'm on my bike as I'm talking to you! I'm getting really good at this... I feel like I've finally arrived!" We both laugh, when I see a car a little bit ahead of me. So I squeeze the brake with my left hand, as I held on to the phone with my right.

Well, I must have squeezed way too hard, because the bike came to a complete stop... but I kept going! I must have looked like a cartoon when it happened. My body was literally still in motion after the bike had stopped completely. The metal came crashing down on my legs and ankles... OUCH! It was a good thing that I was wearing thick socks, boots, and jeans over that. Even with those 3 layers, my legs were in severe pain! I looked to see if there was any blood, but I was okay. Just my pride was hurt.

The funniest part of it all is that during the entire time, I never took the phone off my ear. I just held it there as I fell, and I kept talking as I checked myself for injuries. I said to my friend, "Oh my word, I just fell off my bike!" She said, "You are kidding! Are you okay?" And I said, "Wow, this really, really hurts..."

There were 3 cars next to me. I couldn't see inside the windows, but I bet they were dumbfounded to see this doofus fall, while giving a play-by-play over the phone.

Jeff asked if I wanted a picture taken of my bruises for the blog. Would have been a nice addition, I guess, but I didn't want to shave just for the pic.

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