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Christmas Parties 2008

...22 people in our home:) I must admit that I did long to have an "American sized house" that day for our ministry events, but it did not take away from our celebration. We had the same gang from the turkey party, plus another family from Ellie's Kindergarten. I smiled as I watched the moms all take out their cell phones to be sure they had each other's numbers and addresses. That is one good sign of "community".

We all enjoyed hot apple cider, which was the very first time for many. The aroma of cinnamon and spices really made it feel like Christmas. We also decorated a gingerbread house. As you can see in the pictures, the children went crazy with the frosting and the end it looked like someone sneezed a cake all over it!

Gingerbread decorating


gingerbread house

The craft was a bit tricky with 12 kids on the floor with glue and small parts, but in the end they all ended up with a very cute Santa photo frame. Hopefully they will put the party picture in it, and will remember the story of Jesus.

craft time

The games were hysterical, and I really appreciated the moms and dads who were such a good sport about it! I put Vaseline on their nose, and made them into Rudolph...they had to jump in unison and try not to have their nose fall off.




I read a children's book of the story of Christmas, and was happy to share a Japanese Christmas tract that actually had a section called, "Who is the Savior?" My prayer is that these little ones who are hearing the Good News of Jesus will grow up with a foundation of absolute Truth, so that when they hear things that are not of God, they would know in their hearts that something isn't quite right.

group A storytime

After singing some Christmas carols in both Japanese and English, Jeff shared a very straight-forward message of the incarnation of Jesus God became man and dwelt among us...that Jesus came so that He could communicate with He loves the Japanese that He died for them and rose again...and that the Johnstons are here to tell them that Jesus is their Savior! Although my translation was rough, we trust that God's Word will not return void. Even though our friends have heard the Gospel in parts throughout the year, we felt that this was the very first time that they were able to hear the salvation message as a whole. Veeeeery exciting! Pray that our friends will know THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. 

S-family at Christmas '08


M-family at Christmas '08


Mio family at Christmas '08


T-family at Christmas '08

Group B Party 

Our Sunday party was just as fun and exciting! There were 14 of us, and we did the exact same thing (except a different craft). Sharing the Good News of Jesus with this group was a thrill, too. I don't think we will ever get used to the awesomeness and the honor of being the very first ones to tell friends about Jesus. Oh how we LONG for them to know! Oh how we LONG for them to open their hearts! We love these people so very much. Pray with us!

Girls decorating gingerbread


Group B Christmas party '08


Group B gingerbread house


Group B snowman craft

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