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Pumpkin Party Praises!

We were only expecting 2 dads to show up, but were very pleasantly surprised to have 4 Japanese dads plus Jeff and Kent Muhling (another A2 missionary). We had a BLAST putting the daddies to work, and also involving them in games and activities. They kept us laughing the whole time. Laughing This was a significant step, because we envision dads being essential in this biblical community we're trying to form here.


The dads at our Halloween party
The Dads at the Halloween party
Dad helping
"Ken the Friendly Ghost" is helping this princess dry the paint on her craft.
Dad helping paint
Mr. T. holds his daughter's bucket as she paints it orange.
 SuperDad encouraged all the kids on their great work making mini-pumpkin candy holders.


We first began with table activities: Pumpkin maze and matching worksheets, craft table to make miniature pumpkin candy holders, a cupcake table to make a Jack-O-Lantern face using orange frosting and raisins for the face, and a table with a pre-carved, real pumpkin. We wanted the Japanese kids to experience sticking their hands inside to pull out the pulp!

 Girl working on the maze
Girl doing the pumpkin maze
Painting a pumpkin

Game time was hilarious. The children had to draw a pumpkin face on construction paper... but they had to do it on their heads! There was also a game where they had to pick up a plush pumpkin toy with 2 long chopsticks, and walk across the room without dropping it. Easier said than done! The dads were the stars of the show as they goofed off and body slammed each other to get to the finish line, or did a bit of taunting before winning the race. And finally, we did a mock trick or treating time inside the room. There were some dads who hid behind several closet doors all around the room. The children went to each door with their Halloween bags, knocked, and said, "Trick or Treat" to get the candy. This was their very first trick or treating experience for many, so they had a great time.

Finally, the Good News of Jesus Christ was shared... of course, this was the highlight of the party for us. We knew you guys were praying for us when all 26 children and 19 adults became absolutely quiet and attentive during the story. We shared that we are all like the pumpkin... we may look clean and pretty on the outside, but on the inside, we're full of yucky, slimy sin. Jesus is the Only God who can scoop out this gunk. When the candle, the Light lives in us, He shines inside of us, which gives us JOY!

Nozomi reading the story
Nozomi telling the story
Kids listening intently
Kids and parents listened intently
Jesus gets the gunk out
Jesus gets the gunk out, cleaning our hearts of sin.

Please pray that the "pumpkin seeds" that were sown in each heart will take root in good soil. Pray that it will be watered. Pray that it would grow. Pray for an amazing harvest of a beautiful pumpkin patch here in Japan!!

Pumpkin Party People
Halloween Party People
Fun Halloween Party People
Fun Halloween Party People Having a Blast


Check out all the photos from our Halloween party:


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