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Catching Up With the Johnstons

...loving 4th grade, and has made some new friends. He used to not enjoy recess last year because all the boys do is play soccer and nothing else. This year, he has found other boys who play other things on the playground, so he is happy about that. He's also excited about the "electricity project" that every 4th grader will do in the spring. Zack has passed the "magic trick" obsession of the summer, and now he's back into the chemistry/science/electricity stuff. Recently he made a telegraph with a science kit, and now he's trying to make his home-made radio work. It's catching a slight static sound from a nearby radio frequency, but nothing strong yet. We'll let you know when we contact E.T. 

Ellie is sorta kinda liking school. Actually, she loves her teachers, her friends, play times, lunch, and recess. Basically, she loves the social aspect of 1st grade. However, she feels that there is just too much school work at school, and too much home work at home, and not enough play time! She will readily tell you that their recess is only ONE MINUTE long! When we tell her that it must be longer than that, she will say, "Well, it just FEELS like it!!' At dismissal time, she usually comes down the steps looking miffed. When we ask her what's wrong, it's the same story. Not enough play time at school. How dare they make her work! We are still very proud of her for all that she has learned already. Her printing is very nice, and she is learning all sorts of things in language arts, Bible, math, science, art, music, library, and Japanese.

We MISS our yochien (kindergarten) friends!!

Now that we don't have daily contact with the moms and kids, we must make an intentional effort to keep in touch with them. So, on Fridays, we have asked them to come to the CAJ playground after school! This has been the highlight of Ellie's week, and I love being able to chat with the moms!

Joy Group

Another way to keep consistent contact has been through our parenting study called Joy Group. We have met twice already, and I am SO thankful for this opportunity to share and learn with these moms! There are 5 moms from Nadeshiko Yochien, plus me and Yuko Muhling, an Asian Access friend who moved close to our house. It is an honor to pray for these precious friends, and to share biblical principles of parenting.

Ministry Opportunities through CAJ

I am enjoying my involvement with Christian Academy in Japan through PTA. I get to be a part of the executive committee as the Social Events Coordinator... doesn't this sound like it fits me perfectly?! It is such an honor to be a part of a group of women who truly care for the school...all aspects of it, but especially the spiritual lives of the students. Our desire is to see each child come to know Jesus through CAJ. This year, there are quite a few families in Ellie's class and Zack's class who do not yet know the Lord. So Zack and Ellie get to keep shining their lights, even at CAJ. We are looking forward to many opportunities to point these families to their Savior this year!

Update on Jeff

Jeff is staying very busy with his work for Asian Access, and being an on-call daddy and husband 24-7, plus meeting with his 3 Japanese tutors throughout the week. We were really happy that he had the opportunity to go and listen to Ellie's yochien classmate's dad play the drums at a jazz club. Jeff and an American friend both went to go enjoy good music together, and hopefully to make even more opportunities for friendship in the future.  

Thanks for always keeping us close to your hearts, and for your prayers. Don't forget to post some comments! 

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