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Scenes from my Birthday Weekend

Saturday, September 20

El Torito for lunch
We enjoyed good Mexican food at El Torito in Shinjuku (downtown Tokyo).


Zack overlooks Tokyo from a 20th story bathroom
Zack overlooks Tokyo from a bathroom window on the 20th floor!


 Zack at Times Square in Shinjuku

Zack gives us his serious look at Times Square in Tokyo


Krispy Kreme donuts
We bypassed the 30 minute line at Krispy Kreme by ordering a pre-fixed dozen glazed. Our first Krispy Kreme donuts in Tokyo were very tasty, but seemed a little sweeter than we're now used to.  We felt like we were cheating by not eating at Mister Donut.  (Don't tell Miss Donut!)


Krispy Kreme waiting time
Can you believe that the average wait time for hot Krispy Kreme donuts is a cool 45 minutes?


Boy band at mall
We stumbled into a boy band concert at the mall in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro.  Think of "Glad" singing pop hits from the 50s and 60s acapella.  We listened to 4 songs and chuckled at the girls' collective excitement as they clapped their hands silly.

It's been a super weekend with good food, great friends and lots of time with my wonderful family.  And I've been spoiled with good Mexican and Italian food, plus cake and donuts.  It won't be bad, though, going back to sushi, though I do need to exercise this weekend's food off.

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