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"This trip has been canceled."

I called Travelocity's customer support.  Matter-of-factly the agent told me that I canceled the trip on August 24. I promptly informed him that I had not canceled the reservation and that I was not happy they had never informed me of the cancelation.  Nor had they refunded my credit card!  So the agent put me on hold while he called Singapore Airlines.  I spent the next hour waiting for the agent's reassuring words...

 "Ok, Mr. Johnston, your reservation on Singapore Airlines is confirmed."

I asked him if the trip details would show up in "My Stuff" on the website again, and he said, "No."  I inquired further, but he offered no clearcut reason as to why it wouldn't show up other than to chalk it up to a dreaded "website glitch."  As someone who dabbles in developing a few websites, I know a little something about "website glitches."  Yes, glitches do occur.  But this is a large established company that specializes in online e-commerce, right?

At my request, they emailed me a new itinerary 48 hours later. The agent said it takes that long for their system to generate a revised itinerary; but could this really be true?

Totally Exasperated. . .

The revised itinerary, though, had a new problem. . . They had me flying from Uganda to Los Angeles and back to Uganda -- all this despite living in Tokyo and not possessing the ability to suspend the limitation of the space-time continuum. (Yeah, I haven't mastered that one yet.)

So I endured another long phone call to a different agent at Travelocity, who checked with the same Singapore Airlines on my behalf.  After I had memorized their on-hold message which included,

"At Travelocity, we handle every aspect of your vaction, so you don't have to worry."

(Uh-huh.  Hey, no worries here!)  . . . finally, the agent came back on the phone with equally reassuring words...

 "Ok, Mr. Johnston, your reservation on Singapore Airlines is confirmed."

He verbally confirmed my departure out of Tokyo to Los Angeles and return to Tokyo without any other continent listed on the trip!  This was progress.

Still, after all that had transpired, I wanted written confirmation from this online travel company. The agent said that he was placing a request for the system to send me an "email confirmation within the next 48 hours."  I never did get that written confirmation, but I went to Narita Airport as scheduled.  I was in fact confirmed and did make it to Los Angeles safely.  Moreover, I arrived at the rental car desk to discover that Travelocity did NOT cancel that car reservation.  Whew!

Have you experienced anything like this?  I'm sure we all have.  Tell me your stories.


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