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Lunch with Miss Donut


Fun with Miss Donut

Fun with Miss Donut

We figured she'd just come by herself since we assumed that she was a young, single girl, still living at home with her parents, earning money on the side. To me she looked 20. Jeff said maybe 25. Well imagine our surprise when she told us that she is almost 31 years old and has been married for 10 years!! We didn't even invite her poor husband who was left at home that day, because we didn't know he even existed. We told her to call him and have him join us, but he didn't have another bike. Next time, we will definitely have both of them come:)

(Little side note, ladies...the secret to youth in Japan? Humidity! The women here have told me that the moisture in the air always keep their skin supple so that they don't dry out, thus less wrinkling and such. Also, they are obsessed with protecting themselves from the sun. In the middle of the summer heat, I see many women walking around with not only hats, but also parasols, long sleeves to cover their arms (removable for indoors), gloves, and even scarves to protect their neck. Crazy? Yes, but boy do they look good!!)

We loved our visit with A.Y., and Zack and Ellie enjoyed her as well. It turns out that she and her husband are aspiring manga artists, and she gave us one of the COOLEST gifts we have ever, ever received. Check out this family portrait of the Johnstons that she drew!!! I had no idea how lovely I could look as a manga character. I think she captured my youthful essence and beauty, don't you think?  And look at my man Jeff!! We just oohed and ahh'd and couldn't get over what a neat, thoughtful, and possibly one of the top 3 gifts we've ever gotten.

'The Johnston family - manga style

The Johnston Family: Manga Style
[click photo to enlarge]

She said that she drew us with all of us holding hands, because she noticed that we enjoy each other's company! Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us the privilege of shining our lights, even at a restaurant. And thank You that we even get to enjoy yummy donuts as we serve You.

Please pray for our friend, Miss Donut.

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