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Zack's Class Party

I love these pictures of the children gathering around their teachers to pray for them! We will miss them over the summer, but the fun part is that Zack gets to have Mrs. Kitagawa as his 4th grade teacher! We are very excited about that. Zack also gets to stay together with all of his buddies in his class since there is only one class for each grade level.


Praying for Mrs. McD
The class praying for Mrs. McD
Praying for Mrs. K
The class praying for Mrs. K

It was sad to say good-bye to Noa at the party. He and his family are moving to Israel! One of the most difficult things about being a student at CAJ is that there are many, many good-byes that need to be said. Because this is a school mainly for missionary families (although many business families are increasing each year as well), kids are always coming and going. That is tough for Zack who likes consistency, but it is something that will always be there in the life of a missionary kid.

Noa opening his gift
Noa opening his farewell gift

These are group pictures of just the kids, and then with the parents and siblings. I love the moms and dads that are in our class! It is especially neat since some of us get together throughout the year to pray for each student by name, as well as the teachers.

3rd Grade Class
The 3rd Grade Class


Group shot
Group shot with parents

I also wanted to brag a little bit at the end here and add a couple of extra photos. Here is Zack with Mrs. McDonald in front of the Reading Chart. We are SO proud of Zack for reading over 100 books this year...and each book was 110 pages or more! He can actually sit for an hour or two at a time and read, just for fun. Zack will have to tell you about some of his favorite authors and stories.


Zack with Mrs. McD
Mrs. M and Zack in front of reading chart

This photo below was taken with Mrs. Kitagawa next to his Albert Einstein report. Zack is very much into science experiments and inventions, so he enjoyed learning about Einstein. He even has a little "lab" in his room, with strange mixtures in test tubes and wires. Sometimes I see him sneaking vinegar and baking soda, salt and pepper, soap and shampoo, along with food coloring. It's scary when I hear him and Ellie squealing upstairs, "Oooooooh! Cool! Did you see THAT?!" No, I would rather not see that, thank you very much. I guess it's worse when I hear, "Get the towel, quick!!" Anyway, he has come a long way from simply playing with vacuums and watching paper getting sucked into the tube.

Zack with Mrs. K
Mrs. K and Zack with Einstein visual (Notice photo of Zack as a young Einstein Mad Scientist in upper left. Click the image to see it enlarged.)


To see more photos from Zack's end-of-the-year class party, click here.

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