Nozomi's Most Excellent Adventure in So. Cal

--sped my way through traffic at 70 mph. Okay, so it was more like 80 mph. Anyway, I laughed because just a few hours ago, I was squeaking my way through Higashi Kurume bicycle traffic with a little girl in the back basket! I used to laugh at Japanese visitors coming to the States and remarking on how BIG everything was. Well, now I was that Japanese visitor, because everything did look big!! Speeding on the BIG road was fun!


Here are some highlights of the 10 days, in chronological order (sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone): 

  • Wonderful hospitality of Bill and Kerri from my church; a very comfortable home to return to after my daily whirlwind of activities. Thanks for your patience and love as I ran in and out of your home.
  • Seeing church family at Community Baptist Church. Thank you, pastor Rob, for praying for Japan at the Friday night service as well as all 3 Sunday services. We are blessed with an awesome sending church.
  • The children's class at church praying for me and my family. Thank you, Bryan.
  • Prime Rib lunch with Kerri. And of course, 2 Chick-Fil-A meals in 10 days.
  • Brunch with Emi and Sterling. Nice place, guys, and great breakfast, Sterling! Amazing wedding DVD!


  • BBQ with my small group! Love you guys so much and miss you. Did NOT want to say good-bye again.


Small Group BBQ


  • Breakfast with Patty, my teaching buddy from Upland Christian School days, and for her surprise of bringing 2 of my former kindergarten students...who are now 11th graders!! 
  • Seeing how Ellen is taking such great care of our cat, Sam. She is as big as ever (the cat, that is), and is getting along well with Cera her step sistercat and Kiki the step sisterdog.


Sam and Zomi


  • Spending time with Helen Tinker and seeing the look on her face when I walked in:)
  • Lunch with Sandy Glenn, my soul sista! Encouragement guru, contagious laughter, heart-to-heart talk.
Mike & Sandy Glenn


  • Sandy and Ted Guerrero's small group dinner party. Thank you for adopting us, for loving us, and for your practical ministry through your care packages! It was SO great to meet all of you.

G Group Lunch


  • Staying at the Egans during the last week. My home away from home. Mary the queen of hospitality and the most creative 3 girls. John, you're not so bad, either.
  • Seeing the Payments and getting hugs from Lindsay.
  • Eating lunch at the Asian Access office, just like the old days! It was great to see you all!

A2 Lunch


  • Moms in Touch brunch, and hanging out with the ladies I prayed with (for LaVerne Heights). Thanks, Tami!
MITI Lunch


  • Sitting with my small group for the last Friday night church and hanging out for dinner and icecream afterwards.
  • Pizza party with my Parents' Night Out group! You guys are so fun to be with. Zack and Ellie miss playing with your kids.  I miss our weekly prayer times together, ladies!
PNO Parents


PNO pool party


  • Attending Revive, Jim and Julee Jackson's house church. Thanks for introducing me as your church's first missionary family--that was way cool.  Seeing the baptism of a LaVerne Heights' mom was awesome!
  • Speaking at Patty and Steve Gatson's small group from Grace Church in Glendora. It was SO nice to meet all of you, and thanks for your prayers.

Holding Down the Fort

Jeff did an outstanding job of holding down the fort! He made meals, made Ellie's lunches, did her hair, took them to all the places they needed to be, cleaned, did laundry, kept Zack entertained, plus his Asian Access responsibilities on top of that. He didn't sleep much, but he did GREAT! I'm so proud of my family.