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Zack's Field Day

Zack's grandfather came to watch and cheer him on. Zack really appreciated his grandfather coming to support his efforts. (His grandmother spent the day with the girls, as Ellie had her own field trip that day.)

One of Zack's classmate's parents who work for Campus Crusade were pleased to meet Zack's grandfather, Rev. Tsuneyoshi Takeda. They have heard his name many times throughout the years and were honored to finally meet this well-known pastor.

Rev. Takeda with Satohs
 Rev. Tsuneyoshi Takeda & Mr. & Mrs. Satoh

The Christian community is fairly small in Japan, and everyone seems to know of everyone else. Nozomi's father is pretty well-known in Japan because of the Japanese church he founded in Atlanta 31 years ago. Over those three decades, the church has ministered to over 500 Japanese who have returned to places all over Japan. On this current trip, he will visit churches and former church members from Hokkaido to Kyushu and he will be speaking 11 times!

After the busy Field Day, there was a carnival at CAJ, sponsored by the Junior class to raise money to combat human trafficking in Asia. It's nice to have our son attend a school so concerned about addressing injustice in the world.

And finally, here's a photo of Zack along with his grandmother, mom and sister in front of his school, CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan).

Zack's grandmother and his school

Zack and three generations of Takeda/Johnston ladies

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