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Princess Party

Dress up 2




Dress up 3

The Story

"Mom, you always do a Bible story at every single party we have!" It had dawned on Ellie that no event goes by without the gospel being shared in one form or another. This one was no exception. I was thrilled to find a book called The Lost Lamb by Melody Carlson, which has been translated into Japanese. I was so happy to find a book with such a beautiful translation and fun pictures--very cute and eye catching for young kids. You may be wondering how I tied in the parable of the lost sheep to a princess party. Well, I was able to share with them that Jesus the Good Shepherd loves each of them and cares for them. He knows them by name, because He is their Creator God (only evolution is taught here in Japan). I was able to tell the girls that Jesus sees them as real princesses...that's how valuable and precious they are. So if one is "lost", not knowing Jesus, then He will come and find them. But they have to listen to His voice calling them by name.

Once again, it was an honor to be the one to tell them for the first time that they have a Creator. And that He's not some faraway god...He knows them by name! Please pray for these beautiful girls and moms, that they would never forget how valuable they are to Jesus their God and Savior.

Princess Story


Princess story 2

The Crafts and Games

Thanks to my friend Mary, each girl got to make a sparkly princess tiara, a bracelet, and a necklace, all flown in from California! I've had about 5 moms tell me today, "My daughter would not take off the crown...she walked around the house with it all day long the next day!" Thank you, Auntie Mary, for "being here" with us at Ellie's party. We love you!!


Tiara craft


princess snack


princess snack 2


We played a couple of princess games, but I think the highlight was when I told the kids, "Well, here you are all dressed up and pretty. But the poor mommies didn't even get to dress up! We'll take care of that!" So I divided them up into teams and had them create a princess dress with 2 pink toilet paper rolls. It was a blast.

TP Dress 1


TP Dress 2


TP Dress 6


TP Dress 3


TP Dress 4


TP Dress 5


The Boys

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. It was quite comical to pan across the room to see the girls squealing and primping...and then there were the boys. Thank goodness for snacks and the Nintendo games that rescued them from contracting any princess-germs. Thanks, Zack, for always being a good sport!



Zack eating a cupcake


Boys 3


Princess Party group shot


For a slideshow of Ellie's Birthday Princess party, click here...


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