Ellie Turns 6 Today!


Pray that she would be able to learn soon how to ride without training wheels, as most kids have already done so in Japan by the time they're six. So she's getting a late start.

On Saturday (May 10), we will be holding a Princess Birthday Party for all of her girlfriends. Please pray for the girls and their mommies to have "ears to hear" Nozomi's story of the shepherd that searches for his lost sheep. This is a story that should touch every heart.

Ellie is also looking forward to her grandparents (Nozomi's folks) visiting us for awhile from Atlanta. They will arrive on May 13.

She Really Takes the Cake

Cakes in Japan are not as sweet or as large as those in the States. But they're still really good. The four of us ate the whole cake in one sitting!

Ellie's 6th Birthday

Ellie's 6th Birthday Cake


Ellie's 6th Birthday Cake

Strawberry Birthday Cake