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A Poop Fascination in Japan

I want to share with you the obsession or the fascination that the Japanese people have with this subject. I asked a Japanese friend, and she denied that it's an obsession. Maybe I should just say that this subject is very freely talked about in this country, and I believe that it is very much a part of Japan.

So this is just an attempt to share with you a small part of this culture in which we now live.

When we first arrived in Japan, we were browsing in a drug store when I spotted a large poster for all to see. It was a very lively and animated advertisement on how we should all be having healthy movements. There were cartoon drawings of poop with cute faces. It told us that the most healthy kind should be banana-shaped. There were other sad faced poop pictures that were not so healthy.

Just a couple of days ago, I took this picture with my cell phone. A convenience store near our house had this poster right near the entrance: "Let's Poop!" I think it was advertising something that will help make the whole family regular, if you catch my drift.

Let's Poop! campaign
Apparently the whole family can drink this product for a better byproduct.

Another example. There is an author in Japan whose name is Gomi Taro. He has written a book called "Everyone Poops". The kids love it, and the moms won't think twice about reading it to their children as a bedtime story. (You can purchase a copy on Amazon, for those of you who are interested. Smile Just click here.)

If you were to ask any Japanese kid to draw poop, they will ALL be able to do it very nicely. I'm not kidding. They all know how to draw it, poop that is, cartoon-style. Kindergarten teachers are known to sometimes ask the students after they go to the bathroom about the shape and color of their "unchi" to make sure they're healthy.

And finally, my last example... we were looking at all the little machines where you put ¥100 (about US$1) in and you crank the handle to get a little toy. Wouldn't you know it, there were about 5 machines all filled with plastic poop key chains! Our kids said, "Why would they want to put that on their back pack?"

Good question. I believe I have made my point. This is very much a part of the Japanese culture.


THE END! (pun intended)

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