Joelle: What's in a Name?


. . .Ellie's real name is Joelle. It is a Hebrew word that means, "Jehovah is the Lord." I thought of how I should explain this phrase. Then I knew. So when my turn came, I explained that Ellie is simply her nickname, and told them her given name. Rather than saying anything about Jehovah, which would be confusing for them, I said:

"It means that Jesus is the One and Only True God. We are missionaries, and this is what we want everyone to know, so it's fitting that Ellie has that name!"

Who knew that I'd be able to say anything about Jesus that morning... let alone in a class meeting, in front of all the moms and the teacher?! Crazy!

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to seize this opportunity. I'm praying that God would use even this one-minute introduction to cause someone to think.