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Nozomi's Teaching Adventure

This is a group of 2 and 3 year olds who have never been to school before. They are just babies! They hardly know what to do in Japanese, let alone an English class.

So last week, I went in thinking that Cupcake my puppet will take care of this. No problem. Well, I had forgotten that at this age level, some kids are scared of puppets. Rather than my usual responses of glee and laughter, I got a few of the kids crying 2 minutes into the lesson. Because I'm using English the whole time, these kids had no idea what "sit down" nor "stand up" means. They don't repeat any words I say. They don't sing along with me. Some of them just started roaming around, while a few others grabbed some of my teaching materials behind me.

As I plugged away at the lesson with virtually no one listening, I noticed that a boy stood up next to me and just started peeing in his pants. I just kept on teaching with a huge puddle only a few steps away. As if that wasn't bad enough, another boy, as I was attempting to teach colors, came up to me and said, "He peed in his pants, and I can do it, too!" So this little boy proceeded to take off his shorts and underwear, and was walking around in all his tiny glory. So I had a puddle to the left, and an obnoxious naked boy to my right, and Cupcake and I just kept on teaching as if everything was just as it should be. The classroom teachers were there, so they cleaned up the mess and dressed the other. I ended the class with a good-bye song that no one sang.

I was hoping that today would be better, but the only difference was that the boy did not wet his pants, and the other boy kept his pants. So I guess you can call that an improvement:) I did have 3 kids hitting me on the stomach as I was teaching, and continued to do so even after being reprimanded. (I'll have to blog at another time regarding the lack of discipline for young children in Japan.) And I did have kids taking away my teaching stuff right out of my hands and taking it apart, causing me to scrap that part of the lesson.

Prayer Points

You can pray for me in this teaching adventure of mine. Thank the Lord for my first class.

  • Pray that the baby class will learn to adjust, and that there would be come semblance of order for them to enjoy English class.
  • Pray also for me next week... they are having parent observation day!!! Holy cow. They will be combining both classes with all the moms in there watching, and they want me to teach for 20 minutes. Yikes.
  • Pray for good ideas, and that the older class would model to the little ones how to respond. And that no one would hit, destroy, nor pee.

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