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On Saturday, Ellie and I were invited over to Mitsuki chan's house (a friend from kindergarten). Her mom is someone that I have gotten to know well over the last 6 months. Just the other day, I was amazed at the conversation she and I were able to have while we watched the kids play. We covered topics from abortion to adoption, pornography to self-worth, and when to talk to the kids regarding the "birds and the bees"! I was able to share very naturally and freely regarding these topics from a biblical point of view, and she was quite open and interested in that. It was a joy to go and have lunch with her on Saturday, and to hear her say that she feels like she can be honest with me, and considers me a true friend. She said that she has other mom-friends, but she doesn't feel like she can share her heart with them, but she can with me. WOW. I was honored and grateful. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to show her Christ's love.

The picture below was taken with her 2 kids and Ellie in front of their "ohinasama". Tomorrow is "hinamatsuri", which is "Girls' Day" in Japan. These beautiful dolls are the bride and the groom and the "wedding party". From what I've gathered from different moms, they tell me that they decorate the house with these elaborate doll-sets in hopes that their girls will have a good marriage at the right time. Once the daughter is married off, they're not supposed to put the dolls out any's bad luck I guess. Some have told me that they can pass on the dolls to their daughter when they leave the house.

Girl's Day with friends


This is Rina chan's family (another friend from Kindergarten). They are our neighbors who only live a few houses away. And we LOVED being with them! We had so much fun eating, talking, and eating some more. We laughed and talked a lot about cultural differences between Japan and America. Zack and Ellie played very nicely with Mana, Rina, and know they're good when they didn't mess up the girls' names once!! And you know that we enjoyed our time together when we looked at the clock, and it had been five and a half hours! How cool is that to have that much fun with a Japanese family, and to LOVE them dearly.

Thank you, Jesus, for surrounding us with people to love into the Kingdom.


Lunch with S. Family


Fun with S. Family

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