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Jeff's Valentine's Chocolates

Valentine’s Day with a Twist

The February 14th holiday here is a little different than in America. The main difference is that men don’t buy chocolate for their ladies. They get chocolate! That’s right! Women buy chocolate and give it to the men in their lives on Valentine’s Day.

It's not entirely one-sided. If the feelings are mutual, men reciprocate by buying chocolate (including white chocolate) for the ladies on March 14th, known as "White Day."

As an American, I gladly broke this Valentine's Day rule. It was actually quite comical as I shopped for chocolate yesterday for my wife and kids. . .

I went to a department store that had a huge selection of chocolates. As I browsed up and down the aisles of myriad choices, it became quite apparent that I was the only man looking for chocolate. Scores of young women, older women, teenyboppers and even young girls were hunting for chocolates to buy and give away to their respective boyfriends, hunks, crushes, brothers, fathers or husbands.

Hey, I realize I stick out in this land anyway; but at this point, amidst a sea of feminine chocolate-hunters I felt incredibly conspicuous.

Then I got into line to pay. Again, I was the only man in line. Little girls were digging in their change purses to give a few coins to their mothers to help buy something for their daddies. And here I was, holding my three little boxes for my family. Ladies just stared unapologetically. My cashier, a female of course, seemed a bit perplexed when I handed her my money for my purchase. She probably concluded that I was just a dumb foreigner who didn’t know how to celebrate this holiday properly.

It was all worth it, though, as I gave a handpicked, wrapped package to each one of my loved ones. Their big-time smiles brightened my day.

Now I’m just left wondering how to handle White Day.

Prayer Request

Pray for our Valentine’s Day party (on February 15th) with 20 kids and their mommies. Nozomi plans to read the legend of St. Valentine, which her Mom translated for us. Ask God to help little and big person attending to see Christ's love for them. We look forward to reporting on how things go.

Valentine Janglish

Ok, now here’s some Janglish to enjoy…

On Chocolates

Valentine Janglish on chocolates
Especially selected for your brilliant days with my favorite song , grace and elegance abound.


Valentine Janglish on chocolates
So often "Thank you" isn't said enough ... especially when someone like you does so much.


Valentine Janglish on chocolates
I'm sending you This Gift because I want to show you my appreciation to your care for me. Thank you.


On Sweatshirts

Valentine Janglish on a sweatshirt
WONDERFUL LIFE ... Just you and me girl was a beautiful time ... Gettin' Happy


Valentine Janglish on a sweatshirt
Sweet One and Only
Care about me,No way
my wish was realized at last

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