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Did You Know #3 and Prayer Request

Did You Know???

Hi everyone. We haven't done a "Did You Know..." in a while, so here are just a few more.

Did you know that...

  • I'm an EXTRA large here in Japan? I've even had to look in the Big Women's clothing section here for sweaters at one store! The women are so darn skinny here!!!!

  • The largest size they carry in shoes are 7-1/2 to 8 for women? Missionary friends with slightly bigger feet have to get their shoes in the States! That's too bad because they have such cute shoes here!

  • I have to change all my recipes to the metric system? I bake my cookies and stuff around 180 Celsius.

  • There was an icicle on the INSIDE of the window handle here in the computer room yesterday morning?

  • You have to take off your shoes when you...

go into the dressing room at the mall? I found that out the hard way when I waltzed in with my shoes on and the worker there was horrified...

  • It is rude to talk on your cell phone on the trains (and other public transportation)? The cell phone has what is called a "manner mode". The announcement comes on all the time on the trains to please remember to put your cell phones on manner mode.
  • We found "squid ink" pizza at Shakey's! We forgot to take a picture of it. It was black! They even have squid ink spaghetti at some restaurants, too. We miss Papa John's pizza in a bad way!


I'm sure there are more, but I'm freezing in this room so I'll save it for the next time.

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for the Valentine's party this coming Friday. Including our family and other moms, we're expecting about 30 people. The construction paper hearts have been cut for the craft, the Valentine Scripture cards have been translated, and the Story of St. Valentine has been beautifully translated by my mom. Pray for open hearts for all to hear that JESUS LOVES THEM!!!! Pray for GOOD weather and good health. I don't want anything to hinder them from coming on that day. Can't wait to tell you guys all about it:) Thanks for being a part of our ministry here.







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