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The Dot, The Date, The Reason

Almost at "The Dot"

Today when I picked up Ellie from school, she came running into my arms. "Look at my attendance book, mom! One more day to the dot!!" You see, before Jeff left for California, he had made a tiny little dot on the date of his return on Ellie's attendance book for school. So every day she has been counting down the days to "the dot." Just one more day!

The calendar dot
The dot marks Daddy's return home from California

Date with Zack

Ellie had school today, but Zack did not (teacher's work day). So he and I got to spend the first half of the day on a date. It turned out to be so much fun! First we started off at Mr. Donut of course. Then we went on a mechanical pencil hunt. Yup, you heard me. For those of you who know Zack well, he goes through different seasons of being obsessed with ONE thing, until he's ready for the next focus. Right now his thing is mechanical pencils. And boy, Japan is a good country to live in for a person who likes mechanical pencils. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different kinds.


The Uni "A-Gel" mechanical pencil--Zack's current favorite, until he gets the next one


His favorite is the "A-Gel", where the gripper actually has soft gel inside so that it's very comfortable to write with. "Mom, you have GOT to feel this gripper!!" is a common phrase at our house. So we were on a hunt for a particular A-Gel, and it had to be green. 3 department stores and 2 stationary stores later, we could not find it. However, Zack and I had a wonderful day biking, snacking, giggling on the trains, and searching together. I am very thankful for this gift of a GOOD day with my boy.

The Reason We're Here

I'm already gearing up for the next event. This will probably be the largest one yet. It'll be a...

Valentine's Day Party, with an emphasis on the love of Jesus, of course! As I was counting the kids who are invited, I was up to 18 just off the top of my head (not counting the moms). Then I looked at my living room. There ain't no way, no how. This was the first time that I wished for a bigger house--not for our own living space, but for the ministry events. Then I thought of Matsukawa Place, which is a building next to CAJ, with a large meeting room that I can rent. The 14th was taken, but the 15th was open, so I jumped on it and made a reservation. Thank you for this provision, Lord.

As I was talking to the moms about leaving that date open for the party, they became concerned that I was wearing myself out with all these get-togethers. I told them, "Oh, don't worry! I'm having so much fun!" They again said, oh but don't go out of your way too much, etc. Without even thinking about it, I said, "But THIS is the reason that I came to Japan!" There was a slight pause, and then they busted out laughing, as if to say, "Right! You came to Japan to do parties...good one!!" It was a bit of a surreal moment for me, because my comment was SO TRUE, but my friends had no idea what I was talking about.

My prayer request is this: not that they would be impressed with all my preparations for the party, but that they would be impressed with JESUS. Pray that God would give me the right words to share with the I can present the story of St. Valentine, and smoothly tie that into the truth that there is only ONE God, and His name is Jesus, and that He loves them. I would really appreciate you joining me through prayer. Thanks!

Wow...this got long...I was only gonna write a quick one tonight! Thank you for reading.

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