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American Lunch Party

Thank you for praying for the American Lunch Party! It went over very well. The most exciting part was that 3 brand new moms came! So there were 8 of us and 4 younger siblings. Yes, I did take pictures...but now I'm being found out... I don't know how to post pictures here on the blog! Now you know that Jeff is the one who puts all this stuff together for me:) He will do it when he comes home, so you'll have to check back to see it.

American Lunch Party
American Lunch Party featured "Chicken Pleaser" casserole

The menu was the usual for me, but brand new to them. Some of the fun comments that I got were, "I've never seen Cornflakes on food before... the flavor of the jello is SO good... I didn't know you could put almonds in salad... you have ready-made frosting?? ... after eating this American cupcake the Japanese donuts won't taste like anything!" (meaning that American frosting is crazy-sweet).

I had lots of fun surprising Mrs. M with...

birthday cupcakes with a birthday candle. I had them hidden upstairs, and came down with the candle lit. I started singing "Happy birthday to you...", thinking that everyone will follow, right? Just like in the States. Of course you sing together. But I found myself singing a solo, with everyone else clapping along! So I stopped, and I said, "Okay, everyone sing with me" and began again. But no one else sang! I just thought that was the funniest thing. Anyway, Mrs. M said that no one has ever done a cake for her since her wedding cake!

My prayer for these ladies is that they will remember the FUN that they had, and associate that with the fact that I love Jesus. I was able to mention briefly that because I'm a Christian, I pray to Jesus not just before meals, but anytime. And they heard a prayer spoken to Jesus for the very first time in their lives. Pray that even a very small act like this will cause them to think, "Hmmm... I wonder who He is... I wonder why she can talk to Him like she talks to us...I wonder what her faith is all about..."

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